Student Leadership

Our Pupil Leadership

Our leadership programme offers opportunities for all pupils to be involved in the running of the school.   The Student Council and Heads of House roles provide an opportunity for all pupils to develop leadership skills.  Our Pupil Leaders have a high profile in the life of the school, both in and beyond the classroom. Our codes of conduct were developed and agreed upon by the whole pupil body.

My experience as part of the Student Council

The Beginning

It was a confusing time at the beginning. Not confusing in the way that you don’t understand, but confusing in the way that you know, but ask questions regardless. This was my first time of being a part of the student council, and the thought of being a part of it just stunned me! The first meeting was strange, so many questions that I didn’t ask, but didn’t need to. Somehow (I don’t know how), I was almost always on time with the meetings (I don’t talk about the exceptions).

Then to Now

As the meetings went by, I felt like I truly was a member. We thought of so many different ideas, and so did our peers! I can’t really say much more than it was just a rollercoaster! One things certain, it has been a pleasure to be a part of the council, a tremendous experience!