At Thames Park, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent education for all of our students. We are delighted to share with you the results of our most recent Ofsted report.

The Ofsted report is an independent assessment of the quality of education in our school. It looks at various factors that determine the quality of teaching and learning, including the leadership and management of the school, the quality of teaching, the achievement of pupils, and the behaviour and safety of pupils.

Our school was judged to be “good” in all areas by Ofsted. The report states that "Pupils are proud of their school" and "In lessons, they show commitment to learning and work hard".  The report states that "The positive ethos at the school is valued and pupils contribute towards this in the way they behave and the way in which they take on positions of leadership", at Thames Park, students "capably take responsibility to lead"

The report goes on to describe how Thames park has "a positive learning atmosphere" and how "pupils conduct themselves maturely".  The report also states that "Staff enable pupils to consider and discuss the personal issues faced in adult life"

We are particularly pleased with this report after being open for only 7 terms.

Click here to read our full Ofsted Report

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