Remote Education

Pupil Code of Conduct

Keeping Everyone Safe

While learning online and remotely, both during timetabled hours and during school-related activities, you are expected to follow these basic rules, procedures, and expectations:

Your first priority at school, and therefore with online education is to learn. Avoid distractions that interfere with or undermine that key purpose. Keep your phone and personal emails turned off, as you would if you were in school.

Be ready with appropriate materials, with all required preparation work, properly dressed, and ready to work at the designated time that the class begins.

Only use school-designated and agreed forums for communication, which in this case are limited to Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, and School Email only.

Use school-appropriate language and behaviour at all times, while maintaining friendly and courteous behaviour.

Be polite and respectful to everyone, including other students, teachers, support staff, and your parents/guardians. Follow individual teacher instructions, class rules, and expectations at all times.

Continue to follow our IT Acceptable Use policy that you signed at the start of the year.

Do not set up your own Teams or Channels or use the Chat function in Microsoft Teams.

Use online materials, recordings, and access respectfully, by agreeing never to record, take screenshots or photos, or share materials involving a pupil or teacher.

Online attendance and participation in class are an essential part of your education, and attendance online is the responsibility of both you and your parents.

Provide feedback so we can improve things for you.

Make sure your online environment is suitable and safe by working in an appropriate space in your home, and with an adult around for help and support.

Please contact your Form Tutor if you have any concerns, but avoid sharing your anxieties with your friends if we can help solve them for you.

Home learning protocol

Pupils should log into their RM Unify Account using their normal credentials.

Pupils should then access their MS Team where Assignments will be uploaded

Ensure the camera of the device being used is turned off before you join a lesson.

This will remain off for the entire lesson.

Ensure the mic is turned off before you join a meeting.

Pupils may be asked to turn it on by the teacher during the lesson to ask a question.

Pupils send messages or use the chat to support your lesson. 

All work should be submitteed uploaded to your Classnote Book.



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