Parents Evening

At Thames Park, we recognise the importance of actively involving parents in their child's educational journey. To facilitate this engagement, we encourage parents to utilise the main entrance for face-to-face Parents' Evenings, held from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Throughout the academic year, parents have the convenience of contacting our staff and Form Tutors to discuss any matters related to their child's education.

We organise termly Parents' Evenings, providing parents with the chance to connect with their child’s teaching staff and other professionals involved in their education. This opportunity allows for meaningful discussions about their child’s progress and academic achievements. We value the partnership between parents and our educational community at Thames Park and look forward to further strengthening it.

Year 7 - January 11th 2024

Year 8 - April 18th 2024

Year 9 - March 7th 2024

Year 10 - November 22nd 2023